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For more than 15 years, as a holistic practitioner, Gedalia has helped women uncover new pathways to health and vitality by drawing on a wealth of holistic gems: Ayurveda, breathwork, meditation, essential oils, gemstones, nutritional advice, energy healing, sound healing, and creativity.

There are many ways we can feel stuck and out of balance. Some examples are; poor diet, sleep issues, lack of exercise, anxiety, stress, grief and loss, pain, inconsistent daily rituals, overeating, and even under-eating. These symptoms can contribute to emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual imbalances.

When one piece is out of balance you know it. You don’t ” feel like yourself”. You may feel fatigued, ungrounded, depressed, or even traumatized.

My goal is to remove any blocks or trauma that has clouded the way for you to feel your best and provide practical steps to nurture your entire being.

These holistic nurturing self-care practices, individually created for you, provide natural stress and pain relief, emotional balance, inner strength, natural weight loss, vitality, and a renewed sense of well-being.

By awakening to your true Self, your life will transform with greater clarity, vitality, energy, purpose, and often creativity.

I look forward to serving you in return to wholeness.

With fierce love,


Due to COVID-19 all sessions are available through Zoom.


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