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Long Distance Healing Session- Special Offer during these remote times.

For more than 15 years Gedalia has helped women uncover new pathways to health and vitality by drawing on a wealth of holistic gems: Ayurveda, breath-work, meditation, essential oils, gemstones, nutritional balance, energy medicine, Marma therapy, sound healing, and creativity.

Gedalia’s gifted hands combined with her skilled intuition and wisdom, has helped hundreds of women find balance and inner peace.

How about you?

Common reasons for sessions:

Stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, hormonal imbalance, caring for others, postpartum, weight loss, abortion, chronic pain, trauma, skin conditions, difficulty sleeping, feeling stuck, divorce, loss of a job, autoimmune, seeking alternative lifestyle practices such as Ayurveda, symptoms doctors can’t find answers for, clearing your environment, anti-aging, self care and nurturing, finding inner peace, seeking balance.

“To heal is to acquire the strength to focus on your gifts, not your weaknesses. “

Contact me for a free 20-minute consultation. 678-357-3443

Don’t live in Atlanta? Long Distance Sessions available. See Services page.

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Read her most recent book: Enough Drugs! I Am a Woman and Can Heal Naturally: A practical guide to feeling your best

The Enough Drugs! guide empowers women with a wealth of holistic gems to reclaim vibrant health and inner peace. For those seeking an alternative to a reliance on prescription drugs, or for those seeking a holistic lifestyle, the author clearly distills the benefits of creativity, meditation, movement, Ayurveda, vibrational healing and shows you how to get started on a path to healing and wholeness.

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