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“I began meditating in 1990 after discovering a Siddha Yoga retreat in the Catskill Mountains, New York. I experienced a spiritual initiation/awakening from an Indian meditation master during a weekend program.

Soon after, I was naturally drawn to the healing arts. Painting and using color were natural expressions of what I was feeling inside.

I realized then that for the many issues I was dealing with within my body, and the emotional pain I carried, the painting, color, and meditation had transformed my experience of myself and the world around me.

I began to listen more deeply to my intuition, trusting it, and followed the guidance to study the healing arts and Ayurveda. I began to experience profound changes in my life; physical, emotional and spiritual. It was this awakened energy along with new holistic practices such as Ayurveda, energy healing,meditation, chanting, herbs, creativity,cooking, essential oils, and a wholesome relationship to food that strengthened my connection to myself, to service and uplifting others.

I believe we each have an inner light. It is often dimmed through life’s stresses and challenges. For that strength to be awakened we need a trusted guide, a compassionate listener, and a skilled healer.

I would be honored to help you nurture and discover your inner truth and awaken to your full potential.”

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  • Centre Spring MD.- Worked with nationally known Integrative doctor Dr. Taz as Ayurvedic Health Specialist, Mind-Body Healer Brookhaven, Georgia. 2010-8/2018
  • Created and taught a Holistic approach to Grief and Loss class for CE credits. 2015-2020
  • Conducted monthly classes on various holistic topics such as seasonal nutrition, essential oils, Ayurveda, chakras, and Marma.
  • Keynote speaker at Sound Healing conference-2015
  • Conducted programs for college students using aromatherapy to improve learning. Oglethorpe University 2014
  • Guest appearance on the Weather Channel to discuss natural remedies for fall allergies, 2014.
  • A regular contributor to Everyday Ayurveda, The The Atlanta Jewish TimesAyurveda Mantra magazine, Sivana East, and Medium.com, Natural Awakenings  See Press page for all Media.
  • Guest speaker at yoga retreat with Studio4health at Elohee Retreat site in North Georgia- April 2019
  •  April 2019 -Guest speaker at Emory University pre-med class on integrative therapies. Shared slides on Ayurveda, Marma and Aromatherapy.

Education & Training

  • Ph.D. in Traditional Naturopathy
    Graduated Honors with B.S. in Natural Health and Doctor of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Health, 2004.
  • Completed a four-year training program with world-renowned energy healer, teacher, and writer, Dr. Michael Mamas. Studies included 600 hours of hands-on healing and mind/body relationship exploration. www.mountsoma.org. 2000
  • Completed Marma Therapy training with Vasant Lad, Ayurveda physician and founder of the Ayurvedic Institute, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 2011
  • Received an Ayurveda Certificate upon completion of training with Vasant Lad in a clinical setting in Pune, India. 2012
  • Reiki Master Certification, 1995
    Student of Siddha Yoga Meditation since 1990.

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