Holistic Wellness and Ayurveda Lifestyle Consultation

This two-hour comprehensive session evaluates your personal lifestyle through one on one conversation and by answering vital questions about your daily lifestyle habits. It includes an Ayurvedic tongue and pulse assessment. You will understand your primary energy type and how to balance your current state of health with recommendations based on diet, seasonal nutrition, aromatherapy, yoga postures, herbs, meditation, chakra evaluation, and breathwork. This session also includes Marma therapy, an energy balancing therapy similar to acupressure, using sound, gemstones and essential oils to help awaken your body’s healing potential resulting in balance and inner peace. A written path to wellness will be provided.

Marma Therapy- A Rare Energy Healing Modality

Our bodies and everything around us is made of energy. We are more than flesh, bones, muscles, tendons, and joints. This energy can be called “chi” or “prana” and in the body, it is composed of a superhighway of channels that crisscross our nervous system and entire body. In Chinese medicine, these pathways are known as meridians, in Ayurveda, “nadis’.

When the flow of energy along these “nadis” is impeded we feel sluggish or ill. But when our energy flows smoothly and freely, we experience vitality.

Our “energy body” is affected by our emotions, environment, relationships, hormones, how we feel about ourselves, where we live, how we think, what we eat, and our past conditioning.

It is considered in Eastern medicine to be the main influencer on one’s inner state of health and wellness. Therefore we must clear the energy body in order to have optimal health! You can equate it to the tuning of an instrument. Our bodies go in and out of tune depending upon many factors.

Marma therapy, a rare energy healing modality rooted in Ayurvedic medicine focuses on energy pathways for healing body, mind, and consciousness. By gently pressing points along the front and back of the body energy flow is increased. Sound, gemstones, and Tibetan bowls are all part of this unique service.

A client stays fully clothed during the session. Marma cannot be done while pregnant or during the menstrual cycle until the third day.

Marma points stimulate vital energy flow awakening the body’s inner system of healing.

Other benefits of Marma include:

  • Strengthens the organ systems and tissues
  • Relieves physical and emotional energy blocks
  • Clears and balances chakras
  • Helps remove toxins
  • Anti-aging and improves the luster of the skin
  • Improves circulation
  • Encourages good sleep
  • Builds vitality
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, and pain on all levels
  • Changes one’s perception
  • Enhances creativity

Learn more about Marma. Read the article from The Chopra Center

Long Distance Healing

By combining intuition and intention, energy healing can travel long distances. As the client, you simply lie down and receive energy healing. Modalities included are Marma, gemstones, sound, and Tibetan bowls which I perform on myself and transfer the healing energy to you. We will talk briefly before and after the session.

“I had the most rejuvenating distant healing session with Gedalia today. After a brief conversation about where I was at, and a description of how she would perform the session, we hung up and she went to work. It was so safe and warm and effective. I came out of it so alert, balanced and rested. There is a follow- up call to discuss one another’s experience. It was beautiful. I highly recommend Gedalia.” Tina

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