Spa Visit

Spa Visit Initial Session

One-hour $185

This unique session focuses on opening the flow of energy through body, mind, and spirit drawing from a wealth of energy healing techniques such as Marma ( pressure points) sound, Ayurveda, essential oils, gemstones, chakra balancing, and intuitive listening. Like acupuncture with no needles, gently pressing acupressure points along the front and back of the body increases vital energy flow for restoration and rejuvenation awakening your inner healing system. Marmani, or Marma points serve as a bridge between body, mind, and spirit, making them integral to promoting health and balance. They are the doorway to the body’s inner pharmacy. This session is also anti-aging and rejuvenates the skin.

Learn more about Marma. Read the article from The Chopra Center

Health, Vitality, and Wellness Assessment

30 minutes ( only following Initial Session) $85

Assessment of energy and chakra evaluation with recommendations are included in this session. Recommendations may include herbs, essential oils, breathing exercises, meditation, foods, personalized yoga postures, and intuitive guidance. A tongue and pulse evaluation is included.

Select from the following packages after your initial session to continue your path to wellness:

  1. Stress Relief Package $505 Three one hour sessions targeting stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, and hormonal balance. Session includes energy healing ( Marma), sound, gemstones, and essential oils.
  2. Weight Loss Package $505 Three one hour sessions targeting weight loss naturally. ( may include Marma).

*Packages expire in three months from purchase date. Packages may not transfer to another individual.

Spa Visit Locations

Second and fourth Saturday Advanced Skin Care ( Marietta Skin Care) 711 Canton Rd NE Marietta, Ga 30060 suite 400B

Sama Food For Balance- Wednesday afternoon – 56 East Andrews Drive NW Buckhead

*Please honor a 48-hour cancellation policy on any service.

Long Distance sessions are available by phone.”I had the most rejuvenating distant healing session with Gedalia today. After a brief conversation about where I was at, and a description of how she would perform the session, we hung up and she went to work. It was so safe and warm and effective. I came out of it so alert, balanced and rested. There is a follow up call to discuss one another’s experience. It was beautiful. I highly recommend Gedalia.” Tina The fee is $185/hour. Please contact me for an appt.

Whole Health Home Visit for Women- balancing your inner and outer home.

One hour and 45 minutes$275

(*College student rates available- please inquire)

No traffic, no stress, I come right to your own home!

We will begin by talking about your wellness needs, creating an individualized plan through Ayurveda and other natural approaches. This session includes a tongue and pulse diagnosis as well as learning about your primary dosha ( or energy type) according to Ayurveda . Marma therapy will follow. Marma points are the junction between mind/body and emotions. When gently pressed along the front and back of the body this gentle pressure will restore and rejuvenate your entire being. Sound, gemstones and essential oils are used to harmonize the body. Recommendations may include herbs, essential oils, dietary changes, breathing exercises, meditation, personalized yoga postures, and intuitive guidance. This is a comprehensive visit.

Follow up visits- $90 for thirty minutes

Environmental Assessment (optional)

$90- One hour

Your outer home needs to reflect the harmony and balance you need to maintain your new vibe.

You may want to know:

  • Where is the ideal spot in my home for a sacred space?
  • What are some easy yoga postures I can do at home?
  • What colors will uplift or calm me and my family?
  • What essential oils should I use at home?

You will have all the answers and inspiration you need to balance your inner and outer home!

Cash or checks are accepted.

Prior to your visit, please complete these forms and bring with you to your first appointment.

Client Questionnaire

Client Consent Form

Unique Dosha Body Type Quiz

Contact Gedalia by email or by phone 678-357-3443

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